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Every mom desires a store where she can find all of her latest maternity clothing and baby gear in the same location. Liliplum kids is the one stop, baby shop of Barbados, offering the highest quality baby and maternity brands available. Found online or in store in Canewood, Liliplum kids wants to ensure that their customers get the best products from a reliable source with the least amount of hassle, and here at Liliplum, we do it just for mom.

When it comes to pregnancy, soon to be mothers want to feel beautiful and comfortable in their maternity. Liliplum kids, the baby shop Barbados, offers fashionable, yet practical, maternity clothing that make mom's life a little bit easier. Brands, like Bravado, offer mothers the support and security desired in a bra; these bras have lightly lined cups, smooth exteriors, under-wire support, are made with breathable fabric and come in a variety of colors to choose from. Other items, like Medela washable or disposable bra pads, can keep moms from having embarrassing lactation accidents in public. With maternity clothing from Liliplum kids, moms can feel sensual and relaxed in any situation.

Possibly the single most important piece of baby equipment needed by mothers after birth are baby changing bags. A mother must be able to tote around and quickly find all of the necessities for her baby. Baby changing bags by Skip Hop, found at Liliplum kids, offer the best in compartmentalization, comfort and design so that mom can be functional and trendy in her daily life. Choose from backpack or tote style bags, found in a wide variety of patterns and colors, that efficiently utilize and maximize the use of the interior space; bottle pockets, freezer packs and insulation bags are standard features of the Skip Hop baby bags.

Moms can be organized, sensual and prepared with the help of Liliplum kids. With the highest quality equipment by the best brands on the market, mom can relax and enjoy the new addition to the family without hassle or frustration. Say goodbye to difficult baby equipment and drab maternity apparel. Liliplum kids is the one stop, baby shop Barbados, making moms' lives easier one day at a time.

There are many new mothers who do not realize that there are many benefits to wearing maternity clothes during their pregnancy. Prepare for that to change because this information is just for moms! A woman’s body undergoes an enormous amount of changes while growing a baby. The nine months of physical changes to the body will require changes in wardrobe. There will be an increase in overall body weight and a drastic change to the shape of her body as the baby grows. While the body makes room for the baby, you need clothing that will make room for your body and be as comfortable as possible. This is why moms need visit Liliplum Kids, the best baby shop in Barbados!


Today, maternity clothing and accessories are so stylish and fun; it can sometimes make girls who are not pregnant want to wear them. This is especially true when it comes to maternity clothing from Liliplum Kids, Barbados. Not only are the products found at Liliplum Kids fashionable and comfortable, but they are functional as well. Nursing bras and camisoles that mom can wear during breastfeeding makes taking care of her baby a bit easier, especially when she is a mom on the go. These specially constructed and very comfortable bras and camisoles are built so that all she has to do is remove a piece of the fabric and baby has easy access. Thanks to the discreetness of these clothes mom does not have to worry about over exposing herself.


Those mothers on the go will not only need functional and comfortable clothes once she has had the baby, but she will also need a practical and fashionable baby bag. The baby changing bags from Liliplum Kids, Barbados, are not only safe and practical, but they are stylish and beautiful! There are totes and messenger bags of various sizes that all contain the compartments that mom will need for all of the baby’s things. They have patterned designs and are equipped with shoulder straps which makes for easy carrying – especially when you already have your hands full.


Maternity clothing from Liliplum kids, Barbados, and baby changing bags Barbados, the best baby shop in Barbados is all extremely safe and high quality products that every new mother needs. Among the clothing and baby bags, Liliplum also provides products for the baby. A mother who is getting ready for the arrival of her precious one can find baby gear for things such as activities, bath and potty, nursing and feeding, travel gear, and beautiful nursery decor and accessories. This is a baby shop that can meet all the needs for mom and her baby.



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